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August 4.  Creating Compelling Compositions in Landscape Photography with David Johnston. 

  David Johnston


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The photo of the month theme is 'Road Trip'.


Upcoming Events 

Aug 04 - BPG Monthly Meeting

Aug 13 - BPG Mini Clinic

Aug 17 - Lunch Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Logan's, Cool Springs - 11 am)

Aug 20 - Dinner Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Nana's, Nolensville - 6 pm)

Aug 29 - BPG Photo Outing


July Photo of the Month Winners (click any image to view the gallery)

Themed Category (Celebration)

  Joyce Oberle - Entry Level


  Virginia Gregory-Kocaj - Intermediate


  Mike Gannon - Advanced


Open Category

  Jerry Clark - Entry Level


  Durwood Edwards - Intermediate


  Monte Arnold - Advanced