Next Meeting 

Details: Tuesday, Nov 4, 6:00 pm (map). Local artist and educator, Caroline Rutland will be speaking to us about the growing genre of Conceptual Photography.  Click here for more meeting details.


  Caroline Rutland


The photo of the month contest theme is 'Clouds'. 


Upcoming Events 

Nov 01 - BPG Photo Outing (GA)

Nov 04 - BPG Monthly Meeting

Nov 13 - BPG Mini Clinic

Nov 17 - Lunch Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Logan's, Cool Springs - 11 am)

Nov 20 - Dinner Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Nana's Diner, Nolensville)


Oct Photo of the Month Winners (click any image to view the gallery)

Themed Category (Books)

  Al Wood

  Kevin Graham


Open Category

  Durwood Edwards

  Al Wood