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Details: Tuesday, Oct 7, 6:00 pm (map). The photo of the month contest theme is 'Books'.  Click here for more meeting details.

Traveling with rock stars, a woman sitting alone at a sidewalk cafe or maybe just a kiss in the rain. Most times it's a look, sometimes a sound, or music loud, so very loud.  A smile, a grin, the eyes, always the eyes. Its all the same to me, it's a moment, it's my journey, it's how I see things most days from the shadows.

- Anthony Scarlati

  Anthony Scarlati


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Oct 07 - BPG Monthly Meeting

Oct 09 - BPG Mini Clinic

Oct 20 - Lunch Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Logan's, Cool Springs - 11 am)

Oct 23 - Dinner Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Nana's Diner, Nolensville)

Nov 01 - BPG Photo Outing (GA)


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  Kevin Graham

  Vince Peschio


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  Emily Helms

  Vince Peschio