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June 6.   Click here for the next meeting details.  Click here for directions.

The photo of the month contest theme is 'Garden'.


Upcoming Events

Jun 03 - BPG Photo Outing

Jun 06 - BPG Monthly Meeting

Jun 08 - BPG Mini Clinic

Jun 19 - Lunch Bunch w/Dick Dougall (Logan's, Cool Springs - 11 am)


May Photo of the Month Winners (click any image to view the gallery)

Themed Category (Wet)

   Entry Level Themed - Clyde Gensert


  Intermediate Level Themed - Ken Wilkens


  Advanced Level Themed - Renee Lowery


Open Category

  Entry Level - Clyde Gensert


  Intermediate Level - Jo Fields


  Advanced Level - Renee Lowery