The Brentwood Photography Group Photo Blog:

The purpose of the Brentwood Photography Group Blog is to serve as an additional venue to showcase the work of, and gain photographic exposure for, our club members.  All club members -- beginners and professionals alike -- are encouraged to submit their work.

Click here to view the Photo Blog.


Guidelines for submitting images:

  • Submissions should be sent to Sue Henry
  • Photo files should be sized to 800 pixels on the longest side.  The file name for each image should include the photographer's name.
  • Please keep in mind that our club is comprised of members from all age groups. Work deemed to be inappropriate for younger viewers will not be shown.
  • Send photos anytime and all the time!  Check the blog every day!  The photo you sent three months ago might be today's photo!  
  • The photographer's name with copyright symbol will appear in the post.