The Sam Caldwell Volunteer Award is given annually to BPG members who are extraordinary in volunteering their time and energy to the Brentwood Photography Group.  To find a place where you can volunteer to the club, please contact Sue Henry

Award Winners

2005  Sam Caldwell
2006  Debbie Knight
2007  Jim Bruner & Cliff Parker
2008  Jerry Park & Jamie Bruner
2009  David Hill & Virginia Gregory-Kocaj
2010  Robert McCurley & Dick Dougall
2011  Sue Henry & Michael Anthony
2012  Miles Tudor & Nick Dantona
2013  Tom Welch, Stanton Tubb & Jerry Atnip
2014  Jim Havens & Mike Gannon
2015  Sandy Burr & Monte Arnold
2016  Dana Barrett
2017  Debbie Knight