2018 Meeting Notes

January - 2018 Kickoff by the BPG Board

February - Paul Taylor

March - Inspired By

April - Jim Zuckerman

May - Sam Abell (Canon Explorer of Light)




2015 Meeting Notes

January - Meet the Members

We interviewed five BPG members and explored their journey of photography.

February - Mark Mosrie

Creativity - What is it and where can I get more?

May  - Street Photography (Michael Ray Nott)

The May meeting will feature street photographer Michael Ray Nott. This presentation will cover the rich history of street photography while taking a look at photographers who were major contributors to the genre. Nott will be showing his work and discussing composition and methodology of shooting on the street.

May Mini Clinic - Pam Hawkins

Iphoneography speaker notes here

June - Michael Gomez

July - Jerry Atnip, Travel Photography Tips

August - Creating Compelling Compositions in Landscape Photography with David Johnston

September - Photography Roundtables (Sue Henry, Sandy Burr, Mark Mosrie, Chuck Arlund)

October - Photoshoot Setups (Russ Harrington)

November - Barbara Griffin

November Mini Clinic Notes - click here


2014 Meeting Notes

January - The Shots I Liked the Best (Paul Polycarpou)

These are 10 photographs that I particularly liked that were published in the Nashville Arts Magazine. Not necessarily the best composed, the best lit or the best narrative, just the photographs that captured my imagination. Some I liked because of the story that went along with the photograph, others I liked because the photograph did not need a story. Some we commissioned, some we did not, some are from professionals, some from amateurs. Regardless, I picked them because they moved me for some reason.

February - Barbara Griffin

Our February meeting will feature Barbara Griffin, Creative Director, Curator and former Senior Vice President of Turner Broadcasting's Image Management Department. She will share stories with us about working with some of the greatest photographers and directors of our time to create memorable images that connect people to iconic news and entertainment moments across the globe.

March - Photography Roundtables

Getting Your Work Seen led by Sue Henry - Your friends and family like your work, but you wonder if anyone else will. Often the first baby steps in getting your work seen is to start locally in small restaurants, shops and even BPG events. At some point, you might ask yourself if you are ready to step into the larger arena of entering contests and juried exhibits. Sue Henry will share her personal experiences, and a few tips, with regards to showing and exhibiting one's work. At the end of the session, you will have a better understanding if showing your work is for you and, if so, the steps you can take for getting your work seen.

Getting Creative with your Photography using Setups, Light Painting, and Scanning led by Mike Gannon We will be exploring the other aspect of your photography which is "pre-processing".  These are things you can do to get exciting photographs before you click the shutter and before you start any post processing of your images.

Introduction to Lightroom led by Rick Smith - Lightroom, in my opinion, is the ultimate photo management program. I will introduce the program and lay out a basic workflow. You will see why time spent in Lightroom means drastically less time spent in Photoshop as well as resulting in superior image organization.

 April - Amiee Stubbs

April's speaker will be Amiee Stubbs, Official Photographer for the Nashville Zoo and Photojournalist for Animal Rescue Corps.

Contemporary Animal Photography: Whether you're visiting a zoo or photographing your pets, I will be sharing my tips and tricks for capturing contemporary animal portraits.  I will share stories of my experiences in animal rescue, and some ways you can use your photography to help animals in need.  I'll also be giving away a 1-year Premium subscription to Zenfolio, valued at $140!

About Amiee: Amiee Stubbs is a native Nashvillian who began working in a darkroom at the age of 10, and has been in love with photography ever since.  She is the Official Photographer & Photographer Teacher for the Nashville Zoo, and she works as the Photojournalist for the international animal protection organization, Animal Rescue Corps. Voted Nashville's "Best Pet Photographer" in 2012 and 2013, she received her B.S.in Photography from MTSU and is a member of the prestigious Zenfolio Pro Team.

May - Hunter Armistead

In my talk, I will discuss the shooting, design, printing, publishing and distribution of my new book, The Nashville 100.  A series of portraits of strangers shot in one day on Lower Broadway, it also contains a lot of context and technical data rarely seen in photography books.

June - Christian Sperka

Two Years in the Wild! by Christian Sperka, Wildlife Photographer and South African Field Guide

Christian will talk about his Two Years in the Wild. He will share some of his adventures and experiences in South Africa and also talk about his methods to get good wildlife images.

July - John Collins

August - Photography Roundtables

Lou Outlaw - Using Off-camera Speedlights - Lou Outlaw will be leading a discussion of the benefits of using TTL control with off-camera speedlights using Pocket Wizard radios

Dick Dougall - An Introduction to Photography Instructional Videos - Dick has prepared a video made of clips from on-line tutorials to show the kinds of instruction available for free and some with low cost.

Durwood Edwards - Avian Photography - Durwood Edwards states that Avian Photography is usually a money-demanding genre of photography, but it certainly has a great variety of positive rewards. It will get you in touch with nature like no other photographic subject and once you've mastered taking pictures of busy little birds, you're pretty well set to photograph anything.

Tom Keller -  A Look at the Work of Bill Brandt - You may recognize his photographs, but not recognize his name. Bill Brandt is known as the most prominent of 20th Century British photographers. His influence is comparable to that of Weston and Evans, but her remains lesser known. Tom will discuss why and present example of his work, ranging from photo magazine fare through groundbreaking landscape, portraiture, and nudes.

 September - Amy Miller

Amy Miller from Atlanta discussed taking your photography to the next level

 October - Anthony Scarlati

Fine art and photojournalist Anthony Scarlati shared images from 20 years on the road with rock bands and his love of street photography.

 November - Caroline Rutland

Local artist and educator, Caroline Rutland spoke about the growing genre of Conceptual Photography.  Find her notes here. 


2013 Meeting Notes

January - John Guider (www.johnguider.com)

On November 24th,  photographer John Guider boarded the vessel M/V Bulk Discovery for a journey which would take him from its home port of Gramercy, Louisiana to Discovery Bay in Jamaica and back. As a guest of the vessel's owner's, Phoenix Bulk Carriers of Middletown, RI, John spent nearly two weeks living aboard the 738' freighter. The Bulk Discovery's mission is to carry bauxite from Noranda Aluminum's mines in Jamaica to their separation facility in Louisiana. Noranda Aluminum's headquarters are in nearby Franklin, TN. While in Gramercy and Jamaica, Guider was introduced to not only Noranda Aluminum's plant and mining operations but also the incredible outreach services they are performing in the local Jamaican schools and communities. John talked about life aboard the Bulk Discovery and his experiences with the people he met.


February - Chuck Arlund, Don't Be Afraid of the Light (www.chuckarlund.com)

Chuck Arlund demystified light. Whether, using natural or electronic light, he showed us how to achieve a more dynamic and powerful image. The discussion included some of the lighting patterns that make portraits more flattering and why we sometimes end up with flat looking pictures. 


March 5 - Photography Roundtables

Rick Smith - Black & White Conversions: Rick will explore the different methods for converting your color images to a striking Black & White image. Download Rick's notes here.

Jerry Park
- The Basics of Photography - Exposure & Focus: Learn the exposure triangle and how it works together. Determine what you want in focus and how to get it.

Renee Lowery
- Tips & Tricks: Award-winning photographer, Renee Lowery, will be revealing some of her workflow secrets. She will be sharing tips about creating the images she wants, and how she processes that image to fully realize her vision.

Nick Dantona
- Backing Up your Photographs: Learn three file strategies from one completely paranoid photographer. Just because your files aren't lost, doesn't mean they won't be.

Stanton Tubb - The Stanton Tubb Effect: Learn Stanton's journey from working with a Point-and-Shoot camera to a more advanced DSLR to achieve the eye-capturing images he continually stuns us with.


April - Jerry Atnip & Michael Anthony

The internet is an amazing resource for photographers, from beginners to professionals alike.  In the April meeting, Jerry Atnip and Michael Anthony shared some of their favorite photography sites, tools, and lessons learned from the world wide web.

Click here to download the presentation.

 May - Russ Harrington (www.russharrington.com)

For over 25 years, Russ Harrington has captured revealing images of the world's most-photographed people – from fashion models to today's hottest musicians, including supermodel Niki Taylor, Loretta Lynn and Jack White, Robert Plant, Taylor Swift, Al Green, Reba and Tim McGraw. This unique talent has made him the photographer of choice for countless album covers. His editorial work can be seen frequently on today's newsstands.

Russ showed tons of lighting options, how to make a location work for you, how important a team is on a shoot, working with celebrities, location scouting, etc.

 Mini-Clinic - Shooting in RAW (Kevin Graham)

Click here for mini-clinic presentation

 June - Colby McLemore  (http://www.colbysphotography.com/)

Knoxville portrait photographer Colby McLemore shared his approach on portrait tips, tricks, and techniques.

Notes Document 1

Notes Document 2

 July - David Haggard

Ranger David Haggard from the TN State Parks discussed the beauty of Reelfoot Lake and photographic opportunities around the Tennessee State Park system.

 August - Meet the Members

We interviewed BPG members Chad Wilkerson, David Morel, Rick Smith and Jeremy Holmes

 September - Photography Roundtables

What’s New? - Dury’s expert Nick Coury will be showing the latest gear, including the new trends in mirrorless cameras. He will also be showing us how to “Lose Weight”.

Inside the Mind of a Fine Art Photographer - Nick Dantona will lead a discussion on the thought process involved in creating a photograph.

Photography & camera basics - Jerry Park will lead you through the basics of exposure and composition.

Printing and printing papers - Clay Hurst will explore options for producing good prints and the use of different surfaces for various applications.

 Backing up your Pictures and Data - Jerry Clark will share techniques for making sure your images are protected from loss and corruption.  Session notes are here.

Sensor Cleaning/Camera and lens repairs - Peachtree Camera Repair will be cleaning sensors for the reduced rate of $30. Also, if you have any repairs for them to make, they will accept your equipment to take back to Atlanta. (You save one-way shipping.)

Selling your Gear - KEH of Atlanta will also be present to purchase photo gear that you would like to sell.

 October  - Jennifer George, Life of a Portrait Photographer

How do you survive as a portrait photographer in today's market?

Over her 18 year career Jennifer has developed several  tools that has helped her forge a career as a natural light portrait photographer. From basic camera settings to difficult clients Jennifer will describe how she created a career out of boutique styled portraits catering to an exclusive clientele.

 November - Tom Griscom (www.tomgriscom.com)

Photographer Tom Griscom joins us to discuss his professional journey and challenges for continued growth


2012 Meeting Notes

January - Byron Jorjorian (www.byronjorjorian.com)

Photographer Byron Jorjorian shared his thoughts on reaching the next level in your creative journey. He explored real world strategies and techniques for improving composition, lighting, discovering patterns and converting the 3D world into 2D.

Review notes from the meeting here.


February - Peter Nash (http://www.peternashdogs.com/portraits/)

Portraiture photographer Peter Nash shared his 30 plus years of evolution from an enthusiast to pro.


March - Robert McCurley (http://www.robertmccurley.com/)

Photographer Robert McCurley gave a presentation on Street Photography including a brief history of the genre, examples of street photography, philosophies and techniques used by the Masters and how to overcome the fear of photographing strangers.


April - Photography Round Tables


 May - Meet the Members

Five BPG members presented their work and spoke about their photographic journey: Mark Ferguson, Dorma Tabisz, Kelly Beard, Jay Farkas and Ronal Walraven.


June - Hollis Bennett: Contemporary Portraits the Deliberate Way (www.hollisbennett.com)

"Portrait photography can manifest itself in many iterations and many forms.  From the formal, staged portrait to the looser, candid portrait.  My approach to making images of folks is a bit different than most.  I try and slow myself down as much as possible and in this day and age where digital photography is so ubiquitous, that usually means breaking out the slowest, biggest film camera I have and taking the time to make a deliberate portrait."


July - Jerry Atnip (http://www.jerryatnip.com)

Jerry Atnip demonstrated various studio lighting techniques for working with models.


August - Mark Mosrie (http://www.mosriephotography.com/)

Nashville-based photographer Mark Mosrie presented a program titled “Capturing What You Feel”.  In this presentation, Mark talked about two important techniques that he employs to have a successful photo shoot: the power of observation and being present in the moment.


September - Rick Sammon (http://www.ricksammon.info)

Photographer Rick Sammon shared his people, wildlife, landscape and travel pictures from around the globe – illustrating the difference between taking pictures and making pictures. 


October - Photography Roundtables

Roundtable Speakers:
Kelly Beard - Collecting Fine Art Photography
Dana Barrett - Getting your camera out of Auto
Robert McCurley - Self-publishing your photography book
Jamie Bruner - Photographing charity events
David Morel - Working With Textures
       Textures Handout 1
Kevin Graham - Action photography
Dick Dougall - Photo Editing Software
        Photo Editing Handout
Mike Anthony - Spread the Word (using websites, blogs, social media)
         Spread the Word Handout

November - Small Photography Groups

Our November meeting featured a discussion by members of small photographic groups. We heard members of the groups speak about why their groups exist, what their purpose is, how to start or join a group, how they are structured along with other topics of interest.